Residential Surveys

Commercial & Industrial Surveys

Combining an experienced staff with modern equipment and extensive project experience, allows us to provide the most accurate, on-time, and most importantly - within budget surveys wich meet all state, local, and client reauirments.

Commercial/Industrial clients usually require a combination of several types of surveys - and ALS PROPERLY PERFORMS:

  • Boundary surveys
  • Topographis surveys including photgrammetric mapping
  • Construction layout surveys
  • Land development surveys for sudvisisions or lot cut-ups
  • Deed, easement, and utility research
  • Hydropgraphic surveys
  • Establishment of true north meridian
  • Disputed boundary cases involving preparation of courtroom presentations and expert testimony
  • Mortgage inspection surveys

Municipal Surveys

The main areas of concern to any municipality seeking a surveying service are:
  • Accuracy of survey to meet their specific standards
  • Completion of survey within a specific time frame
  • Completion of survey within the budget
  • Maintaining a professional, courteous image in the eyes of the public

American Land Surveys PROPERLY PERFORMS in all of those areas.

Typical surveys:

  • Boundary surveys
  • Topographic surveys including photogrammetric mapping
  • Route surveys including utility and right-of-way surveys
  • Right-of-way, easement, and utility research
  • Establishment of vertical and horizontal control networks
  • Sewer smoke and dye tests
  • Traffic studies
  • Preparation of legal descriptions and easements
ALS PROPERLY PERFORMS residential surveys which meet or exceede all state and local standards.  A typical residential survey includes:

  • Courthouse research
  • Field investigation
  • Setting permanent iron pins with identification caps at all corners
  • Wooden stakes on each side line
  • A drawing of your property lines

Information we will need from you:

  • What the survey is to be used for
  • Property location
  • Approximate size and shape of the property

Some of the resons residential surveys are necessary:

  • Fencing
  • Disputed boundaries
  • Building permits
  • Mortgage inspections
  • Layout surveys for hourses, garages, driveways, patios, pools, and other home improvements
  • Deed and easement research
  • Survey consultations and advice